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Restorative Yoga and Craniofacial Massage
Madzy & Maia
Thursday, May 23
7:15 pm – 8:45 pm

$45 Pre-REGISTER or $50 at the door

Craniofacial massage therapy relieves stress and tension, while helping the body to create endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. Our eyes, jaws and facial muscles become exhausted every single day. Our faces are almost always active  – whether we smile or frown, laugh or scowl, approach our lives with wide-eyed wonderment, or bitter tears. Day in and day out, our facial expressions can have a powerful effect on our lives. It doesn’t matter if we’re communicating feelings such as exitement, fear, happiness or anger, or reacting to the facial expressions of others, or responding to stimuli in our environment, our face is a gateway for emotional energy. With a relaxation practice that directs our attention toward this part of our body, we can experience relief from the demands of life and restore a sense of peace and well-being that will be felt on the inside and the outside.  

Come join Madzy for a purely restoative practice while Maia nurtures these extremely tired and over-worked facial muscles.   Your neck, scalp, chest, and shoulders will surely get some nice attention too. And best of all,  you might find yourself frowning less and smiling more after this one :). 

Ebb & Flow is a remembering workshop; a remembering of our energetic relationship to the Cosmos. Within our remembering we can become aware of & heal personal beliefs that confine & define us in ways that do not serve us.

This is an experiential time together where we will learn a long forgotten energetic nurturing between ourselves & all living matter. We will learn how we assume our rightful place within this energetic exchange.

Using guided meditation, journey work, & simple group toning we will connect, release, heal, receive, nurture, & flow.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Madison Valley

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