Essential Oils

I N T E R N A L   F R E E D O M
Raise Your Vibration with Plant Medicine

Essential oils have become integral to my daily practices. When I first heard my local meditation teacher mention that Melissa helped the body hold light, I barely took note. When my naturopathic doctor started using essential oils on me to assist with sleep and I could feel their grounding effect, I paid a little more attention. When my nutritionist stated that she considered essential oils necessitious to her daily practices, preventative medicine and wellness plan, I started to really listen. And when my guru and primary spiritual teacher introduced “Fragrance Alchemy,” using essential oils on the meridians and chakras, for dispelling delusion and moving to a higher vibration, I invested.

Oils carry the energy of the plant, and a Rose (and many other flowers) have been measured to have the highest Hz of any living thing on the planet. Essential oils bring these vibrations directly into our bodies!

From warding off and fighting infection (viral/bacterial & fungal) with Oregano, Melissa and OnGaurd, to brightening my morning meditation with Citrus Bliss, to dousing myself in Bergamont, Balance and Clary Calm throughout the day, to using Melissa, Ylana Ylang, Jasmine and Rose to raise my vibration and dramatically improve the quality of my meditation practices to using Lavender, Serenity, Vetivier and Sandlewood to assist in restful sleep, essential oils have vastly improved my overall wellness.

I personally use and recommend doTERRA essentail oils. There are many good brands, and Young Living and Wisdom of the earth have been vetted as well.  doTERRA has worked brilliantly for me. I trust doTERRA‘s quality control, sustainable farming practices and commitment to wellness. Many “essential” oils are filled with chemical fillers, phthalates, dyes and artificial perfumes so when buying essential oils make sure they are organic and certified therapeutic grade (CPTG) like doTERRA. I also appreciate doTERRA‘s ease of ordering.

The best way to start is to start is with a collection of oils and to USE THEM DAILY. You will learn which oils you love, which oils you can feel and which oils are best for you with daily use.  I recommend starting with a wholesale starter kit by selecting “Join & Save.” By doing this, you get an amazing sampling of oils to begin to play with. You also become a wholesale member which means you get wholesale prices on all orders and free oils periodically. Selling oils is not a requirement nor is there a monthly minimum.

If you would prefer to start with single oils, select Shop. These are the oils I recommend and consider essential for my use daily:

Clary Calm
Ylang Ylang

For warding off illness, I depend on these powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cure-alls:

Digest Zen